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Principle of operation of promotional gifts

  promotional gifts principles
date: [2011-4-22 10:35:27]   read [484]
in the gift, must adhere to the principle of sustainability, which TV ads are like, short of effective frequency and receiving frequency, advertising rates are wasteful and ineffective. As manufacturers in the construction of channels using the gift promotions and customer time, avoid quick success, should not have illusions, not intermittent, avoid once and for all. Insistence on only long lasting, will have good returns for a long time, this is a basic rule and law.
diversity, diversity principles is the need to adhere to the principle of one effective meet the gift of channel members receive psychological and the requirement of novelty, gift can really effect, manufacturers will not buy them.
three principle
suitable for use in the spring, seasonal gifts, what gifts for use in the summer, something suitable for use in the fall, winter for any gift, a simple gift gift rules of its own, is not contrary to the law, we have to do is comply with the law, rules become the guideline for our work.
, practical principles on the gifts, practical principles that must be followed. Avoid extravagance and luxury, avoid tricks and scratching, avoid vases and fancy. Utility to long effective and practical in order to seize the channel members, practical to make the channel member thumbs, the corporate gift "practical,"!

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