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Business gifts basics

  my company with honesty, adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle, with the most excellent quality and prompt delivery to our customers to provide quality services. Here are a small series to introduce the basic knowledge of business gifts.
gifts custom exception, brought gifts, people first think of holiday celebrations. However, in today's business affairs, gifts also plays a very important role. According to statistics, in the United States in business activities, annual gifts of more than 50 million, amounting to 9. They're 2.6 billion dollars. Business gifts, Americans call special advertising, advertising promotions, brand, corporate image most direct advertising. Appropriate gifts express your mind, and let each other unconsciously accept the advertising, propaganda or promotion effectiveness, does a lot of business customers. The corporate business gifts are divided into four categories: public relations gifts, Conference gifts, promotional gifts and celebrations, gifts, covering almost all purposes and forms of gift, benefit to enterprises in the process of business operations. Business gifts why gift is to thank, further strengthening the existing relationships. Many smart companies often after the customer purchases on a regular basis, together with our customers feast, or at other events after the end of gifts to customers. Business gifts can play a role in advertising, reach the goal thanks, and consolidate and strengthen the existing good relations between the company and its customers. Promotional gifts can promote the sales of goods, while deepening the brand impression. If the customer is retained longer, the ad more lasting and profound effects.

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