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The meaning of different crystals

  our company is a professional manufacturer of the business gift company, different business gifts represent a different mood. Introduce different crystal colours below represent different meanings.
rock crystal: represents purity and unselfishness. Can enhance a person's aura, ward off distractions.
purple Crystal: romance, marriage. Color of nobility.
yellow Crystal: representative of wealth and fortune.
Brown Crystal: robust and Aetna representative.
the Green Crystal: on behalf of Justice and development.
Green phantom Crystal: representative money, career.
Crystal white Ghost: represents the pure, spiritual practice.
Red phantom Crystal: on behalf of lasting prosperity, wealth prosperity.
Jin Fajing: beauty, extreme.
red hair Crystal: a warm and lively.
Huang Fajing: prosperous, thriving.
hair Crystal: side money spends.
green hair Crystal: happiness and good fortune.
silver Crystal: material prosperity and ward off evil spirits.
pyramid Crystal: gathered energy and good fortune.
bile crystal water: the magic and the supernatural.
Crystal scenery: natural miniature window of communication between man and nature.
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