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International business gift rules

  to the Britons giving
If the price is high, it is mistaken to be a bribe. Send some premium chocolates, one or two bottles of wine and flowers that can be recipients of the like. But note that, better not send printed with the company logo.
France and art advocate art inseparable
the French, so the gifts had better take some artistic, unique antique, they will love it. If you are invited to the French dining at home, should take several without tying flowers, chrysanthemums must be excluded.
Germany love sharp
Germans pay attention to gift packaging, do not use wrapping paper or Ribbon wrapped in white, black or brown. In addition, avoid sharp objects, because the Germans saw it as an ominous sign.
Japan taboo 4 and 9
Japanese gifts, don't send 4-or 9-like things at once, because "4" in Japanese and "death" sounds like "9" and "bitterness" harmonics. Japanese like branded goods, but decorated with the Fox and the Badger is annoyed. They believe that Fox is a symbol of greed, badgers represent cunning.
Russia only Western brand-name gift give brand-name
, especially Western branded goods, regardless of the value of gifts of high and low, are likely to gain their favor. From a box of "Marlboro" cigarettes to a LEVIS jeans will make them very happy.
African national focused on practical
African national on gift of value is unlikely to about, but attention gift of practical, should not be sent high-end gift
Arab national love simple
fine gorgeous of gift, than plain simple of gift more by love; has "name" of things, than unknown of antique more by like; intelligence toy and crafts, than simple practical of things more by preference. But a variety of wines, including those depicting animal print gift unwelcome.


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