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Grasp the gift of timing skill

  our company is specialized in the production and sales of gift enterprise, with quality and service by the love of the people for many years. How to grasp the gift of time? Below we tell you a little trick:
most of the gifts, say that choice gift giving time is quite important. According to a new survey shows that, for most companies, the selected new year, new year's day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas remains the most popular approach, but also select a company anniversary, company meetings, public relations, sales promotion, and personal birthday time. Some companies used to personally give the gifts to customers, such as when fairs, festivals, promotions. United States a company spokesman said: we select the gift associated with the production line, when customers visit the factory, we use gifts to attract them. We send the gift to enable them back to visit, and the giving of gifts to take home. Steak knife is an excellent gift for us because it is our own production material. Our stainless steel pen at a sell order as a gift, engraved corporate logo, which will enable customers to always remember the company that they carry that pride themselves on a quality pen.


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