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Characteristics of bone China gifts

  our company is a professional production and sales gift company, our product quality, taste, is your first choice for buying gifts, bone China gift features are described below:
, high temperature glaze process glazed 810 degree Celsius above pattern completely dissolve into the glaze. Shiny, colorful, dynamic and vivid, nontoxic, will never fade.
II, the first hand-painted glazed icing design combining traditional Chinese painting techniques, hand-drawn, exquisite, materials reflect incisively and vividly. Process is cumbersome and shaping of real art. Unique, unrepeatable works of art, collection of values and high artistic value.
III, the first pile of gold purity of gold over 99.9%, need more than 6 times to repeat gold and fire, high scrap rates, when fired, the product quality is very high.


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